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PR – Just Press Releases, Right?

The emergence and development of the social web means the job of the PR professional is now considerably changed and new business models, processes and procedures are needed to help steer a pathway for an organization in the 21st Century.

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Vizify is a new marketing tool which makes more of tweets and begins to integrate a personal brand. The more information you offer the more it can do. Mine currently is limited as I have another website and a more established

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Social Brands

The first report produced by Headstream in 2011 ( detailed for a brand to be social it had to connect and demonstrate social principles consistently. These principles were a willingness to listen and respond, to demonstrate compelling social behaviours that are

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Favicons emerged as a new tecchie word when exploring the potential of the blogger platform. Sometimes it is possible to know what something is without knowing its name. Research then is necessary. There is a Favicon generator at Seemed

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Content Marketing and Video

  This post illustrates the importance of content marketing. Axonn  Media ( describe themselves as the leading content marketing business in the UK. It confirms the importance of content marketing which it details is worth over $20billion. Content marketing

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Digital Life

Havas worldwide have issued a study on This Digital Life. Seems to be ongoing research as volume available after submitting contact details is vol 13 2012. Loads of large pictures so not good idea to print out. Life in post

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Experian webinar by Danny Thompson went through what is new at Experian. New Mosaic will be launched in April next year. Census remains important. There will be integration with Street View. There will be over  33 million emails for look

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Squared Life 3

Found a presentation on emerging trends in digital marketing by Edmundson – Bird of MMU and read as part of my squared life. No numerical data. Found a report from the Society of Digital Agencies 2013 two volumes. Shared link

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You Tube Video

This is going to be a real challenge in making my first You Tube Video. It is not just the making of a video and uploading it, it has to be of the right quality. I started by seeing if

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My Squared Life

Feedback from My Squared Life course team confirmed the blog platform on Moodle would not be enabled so all posts need to bear in mind the UK legal environment. The page view number in Samantha Gray’s blog looks like a useful addition

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