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The Integration Triangle

When thinking about campaign management one of the challenges an agency has is how to balance digital with real life and traditional media use. Morrison looks at this in his integration triangle theory which is detailed below in his slide

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The Long Tail

You may be wondering what this post is going to be about and considering if I really mean tail or tale. I do mean the former. The Long Tail concept was described in a text by Chris Anderson in October

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B2B and Buyer Decision Making Process

This article discusses B2B and the Buyer Decision Making Process. Many companies operate business to business rather than business to consumer and understanding of the buyer decision making process can be important to gaining new or returning business. There is

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Digital Marketing

There is perhaps no reason to suppose that the digital marketing mix should differ from the marketing mix, (, 2014) details it is essentially the same. However other authors have suggested that the marketing mix could be revised e.g. McLean

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Shopping Experiences

The zero moment of truth refers to the research shoppers do prior to making a purchase decision in their shopping experiences. Rather than shoppers waiting for a stimulus provided through an advertisement and then going shopping and being influenced by

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Auto Enrolment

Auto enrolment impacts on businesses by placing a duty on employers to enrol all eligible workers into a workplace pension. At least 3% has to be paid into pension pots for employees. The law does not just apply to employed

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Content Creation and Google

Hall (2014) details more changes Google are making that will affect content creation. Google persist in making changes to the algorithms making 52 changes in 2012 and 13 so it is no surprise that further changes in 2014 are occurring.

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