Recent Training

Recent training includes:

Blackboard (University of Cumbria), Creative Assessment (University of Cumbria), Equality and Diversity (University of Cumbria), Gender Marketing (University of Cumbria)

IDM Employability Skills (IDM and Google UK), Search Engine Optimisation (Rural Women’s Network), SNAP 11 Professional (Snap, Website Design (Rural Women’s Network)

Search Engine Optimisation (Cumbria Growth Hub, October 22nd, 2013)

Squared Online, (Google), Post graduate course on digital marketingĀ current (2104)

Google Analytics (2014)

A detailed annual spreadsheet is kept of learning activities, available on request. Much current development is in digital marketing, marketing communications and consumer behaviour due to the impact of digital disruption and the necessity for marketers and companies to change and adapt to the changing environment.

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