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Free Training

If you are interested in free training I can help you carry out a free training needs analysis in an hour to help your company. The offer excludes Ltd companies and is possible under the Cumbria Growth Hub. Just give

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Free Strategic Marketing Advice in Cumbria

Did you realise you may be eligible for free strategic marketing advice in Cumbria from Linda Danielis? You could have a marketing plan or a digital marketing strategy written for your business by Linda Danielis, a chartered marketer, which can be

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The Integration Triangle

When thinking about campaign management one of the challenges an agency has is how to balance digital with real life and traditional media use. Morrison looks at this in his integration triangle theory which is detailed below in his slide

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B2B and Buyer Decision Making Process

This article discusses B2B and the Buyer Decision Making Process. Many companies operate business to business rather than business to consumer and understanding of the buyer decision making process can be important to gaining new or returning business. There is

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Training and Development

I attended Cumbria Chamber of Commerce training and went to a session run by Hydrant on Getting Online. When you are learning it can be helpful for someone to repeat a message even if it has been heard before, as

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Google Web History

Surprise surprise when I discovered I can now get data on my own web history usage. My search activity hourly is recorded, the days I have been on the web which is seven days a week and in October I

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Email Marketing

If you have built a database sufficient to start sending out newsletters by email you may be looking to make sure that your email marketing approach is right as well as using the right template for your business. There are

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Direct Marketing and the Law

A great marketing training session delivered by Vaughan Jones and Abigail Lynch from Burnetts was held last night at a CIM event hosted at Carlisle College. The College by the way are trying a dining concept in the area outside

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Growth Twenty 13

Just come back from the Cumbria Business Growth Hub exhibition at Carlisle race course. More details on this are at It was a well attended event with lots of opportunities for networking. There were a number of seminars on

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