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Adaptive Learning Technology

Adaptive Learning Technology Adaptive learning technology is where a system of learning on a digital platform is individualised to students’ needs. A difficulty with designing any learning experience is pitching the material at the right level.¬† In a diverse cohort

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Digital Marketing Strategies

I’m just looking around the web for examples of different digital marketing strategies and plans and came across the infographic which I thought was a useful summary. You might also like the template at Despite the importance of digital

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Digital Academy

Check out free courses in digital at . There is a digital academy amongst other resources. Backed by Government, underpinned by Judge Business School at Cambridge and UCL.

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Gori Rory

The Google Juice event organised by Rory Stewart in Penrith started with an introduction from Rory about the importance of digital to Cumbria who was happy about the investment being made in Cumbria for superfast broadband but recognised some rural

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Free Strategic Marketing Advice in Cumbria

Did you realise you may be eligible for free strategic marketing advice in Cumbria from Linda Danielis? You could have a marketing plan or a digital marketing strategy written for your business by Linda Danielis, a chartered marketer, which can be

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The Integration Triangle

When thinking about campaign management one of the challenges an agency has is how to balance digital with real life and traditional media use. Morrison looks at this in his integration triangle theory which is detailed below in his slide

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Digital Marketing

There is perhaps no reason to suppose that the digital marketing mix should differ from the marketing mix, (, 2014) details it is essentially the same. However other authors have suggested that the marketing mix could be revised e.g. McLean

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