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Day Out on Getting More Enquiries from Websites

Having a really interesting day in Clawthorpe which is in Lancashire looking at aspects of website design from a customer perspective. It’s another good session organised by Women’s Rural Network run today by Pascal Fintoni from the North East. One

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Great New Paper App?

The paper app is a new app by Facebook launched about a month ago and is described as being a different way of delivering content which is visual and responsive. Mashable explains it is not in the top 100 Apple

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Vizify is a new marketing tool which makes more of tweets and begins to integrate a personal brand. The more information you offer the more it can do. Mine currently is limited as I have another website and a more established

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Favicons emerged as a new tecchie word when exploring the potential of the blogger platform. Sometimes it is possible to know what something is without knowing its name. Research then is necessary. There is a Favicon generator at Seemed

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Google Web History

Surprise surprise when I discovered I can now get data on my own web history usage. My search activity hourly is recorded, the days I have been on the web which is seven days a week and in October I

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CIM Events

I attended a CIM regional planning meeting last night in the Cumbrian Chamber of Commerce smart new Growth Hub offices. They are really plush and well laid out and designed to look very 21st Century. A great resource for Carlisle.

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Email Marketing

If you have built a database sufficient to start sending out newsletters by email you may be looking to make sure that your email marketing approach is right as well as using the right template for your business. There are

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Inner City Vibrancy

Experian have published a report on Inner City Vibrancy which illustrates the importance of students to city economies. It comes as no surprise to know that Manchester is top, but of interest to the North West is Lancaster is eighth.

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Thoughts for Today

I begin my thoughts for today with a few comments about education which may be of interest to you. The Autumn edition of Professional Manager tells us that Chartered Manager is going to be offered to current OU MBA students

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Your Brand’s Personality

When you are busy setting up a new business there are many things to be considered as part of your brand. Your brand’s personality is not just the visual elements such as the logo, typeface, colour and design and whether a website

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