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The Long Tail

You may be wondering what this post is going to be about and considering if I really mean tail or tale. I do mean the former. The Long Tail concept was described in a text by Chris Anderson in October

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Digital Life

Havas worldwide have issued a study on This Digital Life. Seems to be ongoing research as volume available after submitting contact details is vol 13 2012. Loads of large pictures so not good idea to print out. Life in post

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Squared Life 3

Found a presentation on emerging trends in digital marketing by Edmundson – Bird of MMU and read as part of my squared life. No numerical data. Found a report from the Society of Digital Agencies 2013 two volumes. Shared link

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My Squared Life

Feedback from My Squared Life course team confirmed the blog platform on Moodle would not be enabled so all posts need to bear in mind the UK legal environment. The page view number in Samantha Gray’s blog looks like a useful addition

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My Squared Life 1

I have only just read the introduction and I find myself with a formative assignment due on 24th November and not yet had a proper lecture. They clearly mean business. The induction module is proving quite good fun as I

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