Direct Marketing and the Law

A great marketing training session┬ádelivered by Vaughan Jones and Abigail Lynch from Burnetts was held last night at a CIM event hosted at Carlisle College. The College by the way are trying a dining concept in the area outside the kitchen in the evenings, I don’t know the exact details but I believe it is an effort to revive the excellent dining opportunities offered by the College before its super new facility. It looked good. And on the subject of food if you happen to be there at an event with hospitality do try their flapjacks. Small portions so as not to put on too much weight but a divine flavour with the best ingredients obviously being used. Check out where there will be more information.


Back to CIM though, topics covered by the knowledgeable pair included the Data Protection Act, spam, cookies, Direct Marketing Code of Practice, consumer protection and social media update. In case you are wondering neither the spam nor the cookies were edible. Someone somewhere may be able to explain why computer geeks use food related terminology, Apple, breadcrumb trails, cookies, spam, Blackberries immediately come to mind but there may be more.


I am waiting to hear where the slides will be posted so those folk unable to make the event can still see what went on! Those interested in knowing more about the CIM are encouraged to visit and if you are interested in getting more involved with the Cumbria regional branch do email me. We have our next planning meeting on 28th October and are always interested to know the topics where you would like more information, people who would like to be guest speakers and such like.


Following the great Cumbria Twenty13 event at Carlisle Race Course earlier in the week all the videos of the seminars are available for watching at the Growth Hub

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