Danielis Marketing has a wide experience of conducting marketing projects for current clients both in Cumbria and beyond.

Linda has undergraduate modules in marketing communications, principles of marketing, and post graduate marketing communications, integrated business management and strategic marketing modules.  Linda supervises MBA dissertations for the UK’s newest university Arden ( Linda has also tutored on marketing communications (undergraduate) and strategic entrepreneurship (post graduate) courses to add to her earlier HE experiences at Northumbria, UCLan and Cumbria. Linda also is an examiner for marketing subjects for a major UK awarding body. She also is the marketing trustee for the Embroiderers’ Guild.

Comments received include:

“I have had a chance to review both modules. Linda has done a sterling job on both and made an equally good job of differentiating between the two sets of learners and targeting the material and interactions accordingly” Ian McPhee

“Your BA and Certificate materials have been reviewed and we are very happy with what you have produced. Thank you for all the work you have done. You have been a great help” Carly Robson.

“Linda has gone to a great deal of effort in finding appropriate material which is appropriately challenging for masters students David Newton

“I could not have been assigned a better supervisor. Your prompt and incisive responses were pivotal to the success of this research work” Sameera Ali, 2015

” A heartfelt thank you goes out to my tutor who ensured that her feedback was always useful and timely. You made my experience a very rewarding one” Cheryl Roberts, 2015

Courses authored are to a very high standard and reflect the changes taking place in the marketing environment due to digital disruption.

The environment is not just changing for marketing communications but significant changes are also occurring in buyer behaviour due to what Google describe as the zero moment of truth. This particularly affects retailers who now need multi channel plans to compete effectively, although the vast majority of customers still like to go shopping the way in which they approach a purchase varies.

Courses authored for higher education are more than appropriately researched content, they include many interactive exercises using multi media and guided learning written to enable excellent engagement by students. They are written at the appropriate level using the right language following QAA guidelines. Learning objectives are considered in some depth in order that the learning outcomes for the module can be achieved.

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