Adaptive Learning Technology

Adaptive Learning Technology

Adaptive learning technology is where a system of learning on a digital platform is individualised to students’ needs. A difficulty with designing any learning experience is pitching the material at the right level.  In a diverse cohort traditional shovelware course material will mean that some students will not be pushed and can get bored.  Other students will find the content a struggle. The material can go over their head. Particuarly with 1 year masters courses in England students may not only differ in terms of ethnicity and language capability but also in terms of prior knowledge of a subject area. Whilst in some subjects such as business, knowledge can be gained by reading around, the shortness of the study period which in some HEIs can be from October to May can make this challenging. Adaptive learning technology can make for a better student journey.  Writing courses for an individual based on their needs would be logistically challenging and unprofitable. Using a digital platform that enables personalised curriculum and assessment can stretch each student to the desired level. This maximises their learning during a given period.

Example Software

McGraw Hill use Connect 2 at


What experience do readers have of differing adaptive learning technologies? Are some better than others? Does the learning experience enable grades to be given on work throughout a period. Can plagiarism be designed out of the learning experience so students still have the opportunity to be assessed by coursework, rather than exam? Can coursework to be designed differently so that students are not able to purchase answers from essay mills? If so they would achieve a qualification ethically. Whilst summative assessment in courses is often limited due to workload issues and impossibility of marking say 100 students assignments on a weekly basis, is there potential for assessment to be ongoing and more frequent than in traditional courses?


What experience do users have of the assessment evaluation element of adaptive learning technologies?


Lots of questions.  I’d be interested in users experiences.

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