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I’m just looking around the web for examples of different digital marketing strategies and plans and came across the infographic which I thought was a useful summary. You might also like the template at

Despite the importance of digital marketing strategies and planning many organisations still do not do it!

Why ever not? I always find examples about how others do things to be a great way of learning.

With so many digital tools available there’s a need to plan.  With the complexities of a digital marketing ecosystem, marketers need to be able to plan both strategically and operationally.  This means good marketing camapigns both online and offline that reach their target audience.

It’s just a quick post prompted by the author of the template supplying code which enables me to embed the infographic.

The one pager also helps small business folk busy running around with not always enough time to read.


Digital strategy template – An infographic by Digital strategy planner dot com


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