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Food to go with Juice

The Google Juice event organised by Rory Stewart in Penrith started with an introduction from Rory about the importance of digital to Cumbria who was happy about the investment being made in Cumbria for superfast broadband but recognised some rural areas such as Cotehill are still waiting the magic green boxes that enable faster download and upload speeds.

Gori was Google’s man on a mission to deliver a stunning whistle stop tour of everything an sme needed to be an effective digital player in today’s business ecosystem surrounded by his Google clan of girls who were going to run the 121 workshops after the lecture.

Simple bullet points were the order of the day accompanied by visual imagery to captivate the visual learners. Despite the value of digital 36% of SMEs still don’t have a website. With courses from people such as Hatti via the Chamber getting one going on WordPress is so easy one wonders why not.

SMEs grow 4 to 8 times faster when they have a web presence.

It is so easy to keep adding content. The  points that you should bear in mind when setting up your website are:

To know what the purpose of your website is GOAL
To make the content simple KISS
To break up long paragraphs, use bullet points and photos
To include a strong call to action CLICK HERE
To create logical and custom navigation
To create an eye catching logo
To have a balance between text and photos
To ensure photographs are professional
To have clear terms and conditions

I would add be sure you know who your target market is by way of personas, a clearer modern way of thinking about your target market

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