Openreach Situation in Cumbria

“Openreach have been working through the weekend to respond to the current flooding.


Glenridding exchange is the only exchange that does not have service. The bridge that was washed away carried the network. Replacement cable has been suspended across the river and work will continue to connect it up today. In the interim our emergency response team are in the village providing satellite communications for the community.


BT have a number of  Superfast Broadband cabinets affected by flooding or power outages and two of their depots were flooded (Carlisle and Kendal). BT are working hard to restore these as power comes back on, those that have been submerged will need extensive work so may take some time.


Engineers are being deployed to all accessible affected areas today including teams going door to door in Cockermouth, BT will do similar as other areas become accessible.


Businesses relocating or without service need to contact their communications provider, they have escalation routes and regular calls with BT. If however telecommunications is a barrier to businesses relocating BT need to know specific examples with as much information as possible, including order numbers, BT will then look at how best they can help make it as quick and seamless as possible.


Everyone in Openreach is keen to help and support the fastest possible recovery for Cumbria.”


If you have any problems with your communications provider, please do let Cumbria Chamber of Commerce know so they can escalate these for you – please give as much information as you can.


They’ll be regularly updating their websites and with relevant information and resources so please do keep an eye out – the information will mainly be for local businesses but if you feel it would be useful to share more widely then please do so.  Please also follow them at @cumbriachamber

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