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I attended a CIM regional planning meeting last night in the Cumbrian Chamber of Commerce smart new Growth Hub offices. They are really plush and well laid out and designed to look very 21st Century. A great resource for Carlisle.

Local CIM events where you may wish to sign up include a session on marketing law at Kendal College on 13 November at 6 pm and a Question Time Pricing event on 19 November again at 6 pm. The panel is made up of the regional chair of CIMA and David Cooley FCIM. David is also a chartered marketer and runs a sales and marketing consultancy 37.5 based in Cheshire.

I wonder how many of you have looked at Graph Search on Facebook. You can now try it out. Just log in via graph search. All the pictures you have posted can be scrolled through under places and photos and there is more emphasis on pictures.

There are differences in FB between promotions that are paid for and those which are found due to users’ networks. The emphasis of Graph Search is towards mobile users which is a fast growing market. An additional function of FB nearby enables more geotargeting by companies. ┬áThe cover page also becomes more important for companies as it will be shared by users who like.

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