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I begin my thoughts for today with a few comments about education which may be of interest to you. The Autumn edition of Professional Manager tells us that Chartered Manager is going to be offered to current OU MBA students and alumni. This looks to be a good move. Wilton (2013) reports CMI are working with the Association of Business Schools and QAA to review the management and business curriculum. Their report no doubt will make interesting reading.


CMI are also going to deliver a Professions Week to be launched on 21 st October in parliament. Management jobs make up 1/10 of the workforce and opportunities are growing. The initiative is about developing career opportunities in professions in schools.


24 University Technical Colleges are to be set up before the next election. Halfan raises concerns about literacy and numeracy of some students. He quotes over 1/5 16-19 yr olds being innumerate but does not give details of method of assessing or his data source.

Time  Poor Cash Rich?

Deciding where to spend your time on which sites to visit in the era of big data is just one of the many challenges facing small business. I belong to the Guardian Small Business Network which I find has jolly useful articles of interest to a business professional. Amron’s article on social media marketing explains the importance of conversations and subtle brand building and dealing with negative comments as soon as possible. He recommends allowing time each day to engage. When do you find the time? ¬†Interestingly when you tweet a story a reply comes back asking you to follow two more of their Guardian brands. Aldred had a good article detailing the benefits of home working as being more productive and having smaller overheads and highlights the disadvantage of having a lack of colleagues.


I discovered a Cameron Day which I thought for a moment was a new initiative by the pr team at no 10 rather like having a fathers’ day but on closer reading realised it was the name of a Guardian columnist writing about channel integration. His article caused some serious reflection as he postulated the time to move on from integrated marketing communications was upon us due to the move away from traditional advertising to more engagement of people into brands: this he named the Think Collective.

Another network to which I belong is the Cumbrian Growth Hub . One training offer included Jackie Harris of Bright Spark Marketing talking about the importance of content marketing. I learnt from the Guardian network there is a Content Marketing Association: a short video on You Tube explains the importance of content marketing in generating conversation. It is cleverly written and makes the point well in 2 and a half minutes.


How many of you out there know you can add a company page to your Linked In profile? In order to do this you need to have a distinct email your not a general one such as gmail. Linked In help centre will tell you how to set up a company page.


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