Segmentation in Consumer Markets
Segmentation in consumer markets has suddenly become more interesting to me. I’m just considering segmentation as I author some marketing materials. The move to more individualised segmentation made possible through data is interesting. I found the infographic displayed. It’s a great infographic. How well do folks think the segmentation bases used in text books for consumer markets are adequate for today’s markets and consumers? What new texts has anyone found that cover the idea of individualised segmentation which goes well beyond data systems such as ACORN.

Clearly secondary data available through companies such as Mintel and Keynote can be helpful to some new companies and give them more understanding of markets and of course established brands will have lots of confidential data.

Are the traditional bases used in texts still fit for purpose?
I’m interested in how well the traditional bases of geographic, demographic, psychographic and behavioural data now work today. I’ll clearly need to do some journal article searching.

Callcredit Infographic Alt Text

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