Cause Related Marketing

Cause related marketing can help an organisation to develop its relationship with customers through emotional engagement. Examples include Breast Cancer Awareness or Tiptree’s Marmalde for Rotarians. Clearly the brand and the cause need to be relevant to the target market. One reason it works is because customers like to feel good about their purchases and behaviourally they may move from their current self personas to their ideal self personas. Food brands endorsed with the Fairtrade logo help customers who want to make a difference to people in the developing world. Christmas cards often include a donation to a charity eg Aldi’s cards to the Princes Trust. Timeliness of a campaign can be all eg Gillette with its Movember Marketing campaign linked with a new razor brand.

With the wind and rain around me I’m conscious of those householders in Maryport, Flimby and West Cumbria again doing battle with daily living, many having to rip up carpets and clean out damaged household goods due to floods. Good luck to everyone suffering in the way.



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