Customer Satisfaction

19 March 2016

“I just want to use this medium to thank you for everything you did for me during the entire journey of my dissertation. You made the entire process worthwhile with your positive criticism. You challenged me all the time with this – more like a bitter-sweet experience, but I can tell you that I appreciated every bit of it afterwards because you made me see the acceptable standards. ”

by Jubril Ayokunle Sanusi – Tuesday, 15 March 2016, 06:11 PM

I am so elated right now. I passed my dissertation and I am through with my MBA. I cant thank the whole RDI staff enough, you all are simply unbelievable. To my able supervisor (Linda D), you rock any day and expect a thank you mail from me.

Thanks a million all.”


It’s always great to get positive feedback from students on their business and education journey. Another customer indicating their satisfaction! Good feedback helps to coach the student to reach a high standard and the majority of my students have achieved over 60% for their dissertations, despite many not having English as their first language.


if you are considering doing an MBA by distance learning whilst keeping your job going and developing as a manager. In some countries where there is high unemployment, a good MBA is essential for a decent managerial job.


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