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Bearing in mind the importance of data visualisation I thought I would experiment with making videos using Windows Media Player. It was a case of experiential learning rather than knowing what I was doing. Lesson 1 was I discovered that when incorporating images they need to be left in the same place before being deleted until the movie has been published. Lesson 2 was when using png files they don’t always look very good if they are made too large. Given the distortion on some images I decided another approach was necessary for what I wanted to achieve. I then thought about trying to do a PowerPoint presentation. That seemed to work better in terms of quality of output. You need to know how many images you are going to need for your presentation. This may be dictated by a fixed time. The good thing is that the software tells you how long the movie will play for and it is easy to add some more in to get to the right time. I concentrated on finding images rather than using words as it made for far more interesting viewing. Also making videos can help you in terms of search engine rankings. I’ve not yet made the Saatchi standard but bearing in mind I’m no artist I have found a way that produces a reasonably professional output. Clearly the quality and appropriateness of your images are very important. Unfortunately I cant upload it to this web post so I will have to try You Tube direct and then link to it! What a teaser!

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